This book is not about palliative care or understanding the bereavement processes. It’s about those unfortunate patients and their families caught in the nightmarish world of modern medical technology.

Chapter one of this book is named, So Here I Am—in a Place I Never Imagined. Don’t find yourself there! Quite often, heart-wrenching, end-of-life decisions must be made in a moment’s notice by laypersons and healthcare professionals alike. This book was written to help you understand many of the issues you may face, and help you unravel their complexity—so, when the time comes, you can think clearly and make informed decisions on behalf of the dying—be it you, loved ones, or your patients.

For The Layperson: Are you truly prepared? Have you discussed your wishes with a trusted individual? Are you certain your final wishes will be carried out? It is not just about having your Last Will and Testament and pre-paid burial in place. Be aware of what you may encounter at the end of your life because some decisions can land you amid a technological hell.

For Healthcare Personnel: A must-read book for all nurses and nursing students, all respiratory therapists and respiratory therapy students, and all healthcare personnel directly involved with patients nearing or at the end of life. Are you prepared to handle the mental, emotional, and spiritual issues of your patients, their families, and yourself during such crucial moments?  Some of the important elements covered are:

Legal considerations regarding end-of-life decisions | How CPR it is performed, it’s success rate, possible complications | Life-support vs mechanical ventilation | How modern technology prolongs the dying process | How modern technology blurs the line between life and death | What is terminal? | Prolonging life vs quality of life | The consequences of withholding the truth regarding your illness or outcome | What it means to hold on or let go!