Enrique A. Cordero

Photograph of the Author - Enrique A Cordero

Who knows the true essence of a person better than an old friend—their hopes, dreams, emotions, and passions? Well, I do because I’m an “old” friend. So, meet your author in a nutshell: He likes Guinness and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He’s cautious yet adventurous, serious yet carefree, rational yet intuitive, sensible yet spiritual, enigmatic yet comprehensible.

Enrique A. Cordero was born into a family active in spiritual, esoteric, and occult practices for generations. The systems and rituals of the Kabbalah, ceremonial magick, Wicca, Witchcraft, and spiritualism are among his lifelong studies, along with some Afro-Caribbean religions.

His future books will focus on paranormal, spiritual, esoteric, ceremonial magick, and occult subjects, and his upcoming release is highly informative! It explains how languages, words, and sounds are used in ritual and ceremonial practices.

After his nearing-death experience, Enrique wrote, It’s Hard to Die!: “Do I Hold On or Do I Let Go?” and won first prize https://youtu.be/dVHBLjYc8Y0.

On a more paranormal theme, he wrote: Now That I Am Dead: What I Should Know at the End of Life.

As a practitioner of alternative healing, energy, and spiritual work, Cordero wrote: How Reiki Can Change Your Life: A Sourcebook for Students, Practitioners, and Reiki Teachers.

Download his FREE RECORDING on the correct Japanese pronunciation of the Usui Gokai precepts, his print-ready 300 dpi USUI REIKI SYMBOLS, and a simple illustrated guide on HOW TO DRAW REIKI SYMBOLS.

Enrique lives in Tampa, Florida, with me, Mary—BFF, lover, editor, “old” friend, and wife.