Table of Contents


Introduction to Reiki


  • Energy

  • What is Reiki?

  • Misconceptions

  • How Reiki Works and What It Does


The History of Reiki


  • Mikao Usui Sensei, the Founder of Usui Reiki Ryoho

  • Dr. Chujiro Hayashi Sensei

  • Hawayo Takata Sensei

  • Classes

  • About Lineage

  • Usui Reiki Gokai Precepts

  • Meditations

  • Meditation—The Kabbalistic Cross


The Basics


  • Attitude and Motives

  • On Becoming a Teacher

  • Your Sacred Space

  • Garments, Hair, Metal Implants, Jewelry and Crystals

  • Food and Alcohol

  • Crossing Your Legs

  • Hygiene

  • Cleansing Yourself and Your Clients

  • Connecting to the Source

  • Spiritual Guidance

  • Ethics

  • Legal Issues


Shoden—Reiki I


  • Fundamentals

  • Why is an Initiation Required?

  • Possible Physical Effects After Receiving Reiki Reiju

  • The Human Aura

  • Developing Auric Senses

  • The Aura and Reiki

  • The Chakras

  • Chakra Associations

  • Byosen

  • Increasing Sensitivity

  • Symbols and Mantras

  • ChoKu Rei

  • Sei HeKi

  • Tibetan Fire Serpent

  • Reiju—Reiki Initiation and Blessing

  • Preparations for a Reiki Session

  • Hand Placement

  • Self-Healing

  • Healing Others

  • Reiki Boost

  • Reiki Quick Treatment

  • Hand Positions: Self-Healing

    • Head and Neck Areas

    • Thoracic Areas

    • Abdominal Areas

    • Pelvic Areas

    • Extremities Areas

  • Hand Positions: Healing Others

    • Head and Neck Areas

    • Thoracic Areas

    • Abdominal Areas

    • Pelvic Areas

    • Extremities Areas

  • Special Techniques

  • Meditation: Meeting Your Guides


Okuden—Reiki II


  • Reiki and Pregnancy

  • Reiki and the Newborn

  • Treating Children

  • Reiju for Children

  • The Thymus

  • Treating Animals

  • Animal Chakras

  • Giving Reiki to Your Pets

  • Treating Plants with Reiki

  • Reiki and Aromatherapy

  • Reiki and Medications

  • Reiki in the Kitchen

  • Reiki and the End of Life

  • Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

  • Uses of the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

  • Methods for Absentee Healing

  • Emanating Reiki

  • Dumo or Tibetan Master Symbol

  • Meditation on Past Lives


Shinpiden—Reiki III


  • Dai Ko Myo

  • Activating the Dai Ko Myo

  • How to Use the Dai Ko Myo

  • Raku

  • The Antahkarana

  • The Microcosmic Orbit and The Hui Yin

  • Establishing the Microcosmic Orbit

  • Additional Technique—Joshin Kokyu-Ho

  • The Violet Breath

  • Important Tips and Reminders

  • Reiju––The Attunement Process

  • Preparing the Environment

  • Passing Attunements

  • Procedure for Bestowing Reiju

  • Attunement Process

  • Modified Meditation of the Middle Pillar

  • The Water Ceremony

  • Advanced Procedures

  • The Healing Attunement

  • How to Select Your Quartz Crystal

  • How to Cleanse Your Quartz Crystal

  • Method for Giving Healing Using Programmed Quartz Crystals

  • #1, Method for Giving Continuous Healing Using Attuned Quartz Crystals

  • #2, Method for Giving Continuous Healing Using Quartz Crystal Grid

Appendix I

How to Draw the Symbols

Appendix II



  • Om Sri Hanumate Namaha

  • Om Hum Hanumate Vijayam


Appendix III

Absentee Healing Methods


  • Using the Substitute Method

Appendix IV

Important Observations and Suggestions

Appendix V

Increasing Your Intuitive Abilities

Appendix VI

Reiki Client Forms


  • Reiki Information and Approval

  • Client’s Personal Information & Progress Notes

Appendix VII



  • Recommended Reading

  • Reiki Associations

  • Ministry and Association Services

  • Recommended Music


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