Now That I am Dead

Now That I am Dead - What I Should Know at the End of Life by Enrique A. Cordero

This book addresses the death and dying process from a metaphysical and transcendental perspective and discusses issues that impact the mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of the dying person, their family, and friends. If you or a loved one are facing end-of-life issues, distressing questions and situations may arise that force you into making some very difficult decisions.


The information in this book may help to alleviate the uncertainties and anguish felt during this most heart-rending time. Perhaps embracing new ideas will open your mind and heart to myriad possibilities. A deeper understanding of the viewpoints of other religions, cultures, and ethnicities will help all of us to become more understanding, compassionate, and respectful of the needs and wishes of the dying person.


Are you ready to journey beyond your comfort zone?