It's Hard to Die!

It's Hard to Die! "Do I Hold On or Do I Let Go?" by Enrique A. Cordero

This book was written to help you understand many of the issues you may face at the end of life. It will help you to unravel their complexity so, when the time comes, you can think clearly and make informed decisions on behalf of the dying—be it you, loved ones, or your patients.


A must-read book for all nurses and nursing students, respiratory therapists and students, and all healthcare personnel directly involved with patients nearing or at the end of life. Are you prepared to handle the mental, emotional, and spiritual issues of your patients, their families, and yourself during such crucial moments? 


This book is not about palliative care or understanding the bereavement processes. It’s about those unfortunate patients and their families caught in the nightmarish world of modern medical technology that finds themselves landing amid a technological hell.