• Mary B Cordero


Updated: Mar 5

Once upon a time while drifting in my Zen space and mentally exploring the culinary world of creating healthy recipes, Enrique tapped me on my right shoulder. Not only did he startle me out of my dream-state, but he succeeded in luring me, once again, into his cocoon of literary passion! He spoke to me with emotion and conviction, and what follows is my side of the conversation; your imagination will speak his words:

“WHAT? …You’re finally writing your books? Fantastic!”

“WHAT? …You’re going to self-publish and you and need my help? …Sure! …What can I do?”

“WHAT? …Seriously? You want me to become your editor and publisher? You’re kidding me, right?!”

“Oh, you’re not kidding me…(pause) OKAY! LET’S DO IT!”

And then the most magical thing happened! In a matter of hours, our dining room table transformed itself into Enrique’s workspace, as if he had little elf-like helpers poised for my final approval. I stood in awe as I gazed at the colorful stacks of books and articles. To the right was a coffee mug loaded with pens, pencils, and highlighters, and next to that sat a tray of post-its, paperclips, c-clamps of different sizes, and a stapler—all the things that make a writer happy. But was I happy?

Before I answer that, you need to know something about me. I love everything in its place. Our towels, for example, are folded the same way stacked by color. I hang the clothes in our closet by type and color. Those who have taken a peek into our refrigerator find its contents categorized by condiments, fruits, vegetables, beverages, and so on, and our freezer is the same way. And, yes, I make our bed every day. This is me. Get the picture?

So, was I happy? YOU BET I WAS! There we were entering retirement and embarking on a new and exciting adventure—learning new things and keeping the gray matter healthy and engaged. “The Chicago Manual of Style” and “Grammarly” became my new BFFs and continue to teach me so much! More importantly, the subject matter of Enrique’s books will help humanity, and that’s the greatest motivation.

Who needs a dining room table, anyway? The TV trays we bought from Amazon have been more than sufficient, and certainly not a sacrifice. There were sacrifices along the way, however, in the form of declining invitations to events, spending less time with family, and spending less time outdoors walking, hiking, dancing in the rain, practicing Tai Chi, and going to the beach—something we truly enjoy. We shared countless sleepless nights, tossing and turning until we finally got up in the early hours of the morning to brainstorm over coffee, only to shower and head off to our day jobs. Some of our most profound ideas occurred at 3:00 in the morning, and for fear of losing those thoughts, we would get up, make notes, then go back to bed. There were times we were completely exhausted and didn’t even eat dinner—we got home from work and “crashed.”

However, now that Enrique’s first six books are published, that’s about to change. This time, we’re going to write one book at a time, so there’s plenty of time to dance in the rain!