• Mary B Cordero

Pasture in the Sea

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

I hope you enjoy another of my short stories. My husband took this picture at Gasparilla Beach, but my story takes place at Pass-a-Grille.

We know her well, and she knows us. For whenever Enrique and I visit her, she greets us with loving energy and a special gift. Today she lies before us once again—delightful Pass-a-Grille Beach!

It’s barely sunrise, and we hear the seagulls greeting us from the water’s edge. We shed our flip-flops and step out of the car onto the sand-dusted asphalt, still cool from the evening’s sleep. Our feet are ecstatic as they carry us onto the moist planks of the wooden walkway. Within seconds we reach the apex, and they pause, giving us a few precious seconds to smell the salty air and feel the same gentle breeze that stirs the glistening sand. Puffs of wind seem to awaken the beach and unroll the sand before us—like a majestic carpet that greets welcomed guests at a gala event.

It’s never an ordinary day for us at the beach as my previous short stories attest. What will my husband and I experience today? Well, it happens in the water…

Wading chest-deep in the pleasingly warm Gulf of Mexico, we observe that it’s unusually calm today, almost reminiscent of an expansive prairie. The surface of the water sparkles under the sunlit sky and gently flutters like delicate blades of grass. We talk, laugh, and share periods of meditative silence.

Suddenly, we see a single blade of seagrass about three inches long floating toward us. Seagrass is indigenous to these waters, so why would we even notice such an ordinary thing? Well, that’s because there’s a little creature clinging to it—a tiny seahorse. Enrique gently cups the grass and its passenger in his hands, creating a corral. We examine Mother Nature’s special gift with awe, never touching it, and after several minutes he opens his hands and releases our little friend back into the pasture in the sea.

Beautiful Gasparilla Beach near Sarasota, Florida - on the Gulf of Mexico.

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