• Enrique A. Cordero

The Journey Continues: One Book at a Time

Updated: Mar 14

I am so grateful to my wife, Mary, for her unending love, understanding, and patience! Naturally, I love her with every fiber of my being, and our mutual love and respect have nurtured our publishing adventure.

With that said, let me share a little tidbit about the way my mind works, which is often bewildering to the unsuspecting. I usually go through a subconscious process that somehow transports me from point A to Z without stopping in-between, or so it seems. I don’t know how I do this; it just happens. Mary, on the other hand, is very methodical in her thinking and likes to understand and process each step along the way. Because of this, I will unintentionally throw her mind into a state of chaos—BUT—in the end, we usually arrive at the same conclusion or pretty darn close.

So, after finishing the first book, we proceeded to work on the second one (published in 2017) titled “Spiritual Reflections on Death and Dying: Journeying Beyond Your Comfort Zone.” After a short reprieve from the daunting labor of writing two books, we decided to teach the complementary healing method known as Reiki. We geared up for the classes by creating our website, creating our class manuals, designing certificates, and so on. However, we eventually abandoned the idea for a variety of reasons, which turned out to be the right decision.

After that, my mind went off again, and I proceeded to throw my wife off balance when I told her about writing a comprehensive sourcebook on the practice of Reiki. After she processed the idea of editing and publishing this book, we finished it toward the end of 2018. I don’t mind telling you that it was a difficult task since it is more along the line of a textbook complete with graphics, charts, photos, and illustrations.

You might think that the story ends here, but you would be wrong. Almost two years had passed since the first two books were published. Yep, you guessed it! I surprised my loving wife yet again when I announced that I wanted to edit the first two books, which required a bit more research to make sure that the information was still valid. Now bear in mind that, like so many things in life, writing has a fairly steep learning curve if you want to do it right. The editing of these two books brought to light a never-ending parade of mistakes that we had missed, which prompted us also to edit the Reiki book. After multiple submissions of all three manuscripts, we finally published them in 2019 but this time with different titles and covers (all graphics created by us):

Book #1, “It’s Hard to Die! Do I Hold On or Do I Let Go?

Book #2, “Now That I Am Dead: What I Should Know at the End of Life.”

Book #3, “How Reiki Can Change Your Life: A Sourcebook for Students, Practitioners, and Reiki Teachers.

Yes, it has been a long and winding road—a road often filled with unexpected detours, obstacles, and frustrating delays. Although the journey hasn’t been easy, it provided us with the satisfaction of having completed the job to the best of our abilities. Now we are looking toward other books, but this time it will be one at a time. The topic of our next book will be addressing awareness and the ripple effect. Oh by the way, I almost forgot to mention that during the editing process of all three books, I simultaneously translated them into Spanish—triple the work for my muse and patient editor, Mary.