Table of Contents


So Here I Am—In A Place I Never Imagined


  • A Look Behind the Scenes

  • Death Cannot Be Denied



To Live or Not to Live, That is the Question


  • Health Care Advance Directives and Durable Power of Attorney

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation—CPR Hollywood

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation—CPR Reality

  • How Successful is CPR?

  • Complications of CPR

  • Life Support and Mechanical Ventilation

  • Artificial Nutrition, Hydration, Tube Feedings, Intravenous Feeding

  • Dialysis

  • Pacemakers

  • Surgical Procedures

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Lab and Radiology Procedures

  • Tubes, Tubes, and More Tubes!

  • Financial Impact



Prolonging Death or Prolonging Life: Food for Thought

  • The Issue of Communication

  • Quality of Life

  • How We Prolong the Dying Process

  • Blurring the Line Between Life and Death

  • Definitions of Death



Telling the Truth

  • Terminal—A Confusing Term

  • Prolonging Life vs. Quality of Life

  • Telling the Truth in a Multicultural Environment

  • Withholding the Truth

  • Consequences of Withholding the Truth

  • Communication Failure

“Knowledge gap”

“Transference and countertransference”

“Physician discomfort with bad outcomes”

“Lack of education in how to approach the care of the seriously ill and their families”

  • Patient Satisfaction and How It Impacts Insurance Reimbursement

  • Actual Outcome Scores: The Things That Matter The Most



Holding On or Letting Go


  • Hanging On

  • Letting Go

  • Focus on the Positive



Putting it All Together


  • To Those in The Healthcare Fields

  • Remember Why You Chose Your Profession

  • There is a Difference Between Being a Practitioner of Your Profession and a Healer

  • Communication Goes Beyond Mere Words

  • Cultural and Ethnic Sensitivity

  • Sensitivity and Privacy—a Modern-Day Illusion

  • Be Genuine and Never Assume

  • The Difficult Patient

  • Final Thoughts

  • Things to Consider

  • Things to Do

  • Final Words


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