Table of Contents

CHAPTER ONE—Was I Playing God?

  • Healthcare Providers are Human

  • The Impact of Beliefs

  • Possible Effects of Our Actions

  • A Final Loving Gesture

CHAPTER TWO—Death and Dying

  • Dying—A Biological Imperative

  • Death and Dying—A Transcendental Perspective

  • The Dying Process

  • When Does Death Occur?

  • Attachments and Detachments

  • Death, Dying, and Fear


  • Death and Dying

  • Pain, Suffering, and Eternal Punishment

  • The Unknown and Non-Existence

  • Will I Truly Lose Control?

  • What About Those We Leave Behind?

  • How Will I Die?

  • Will I Die Peacefully?

  • How Will Others React?

  • Will I Die Alone?

  • Have I Had a Meaningless Life?

  • Losing a Loved One

  • Losing One’s Possessions

  • Losing One’s Youth

CHAPTER FOUR—Grief and Bereavement

  • Anticipatory Grief

  • Denial

  • Anger

  • Bargaining

  • Depression

  • Acceptance

  • Beyond Normal Grief

  • Roadside Memorials

CHAPTER FIVE—Funeral Rituals and Burial Customs

  • The Influence of Religious and Spiritual Beliefs

  • Cremation—A Different Perspective

  • The Existence of a Spiritual Dimension

  • Contradictions

  • Burial—Why?

  • What is Hallowed Ground?

  • The Issue of Resurrection

  • Addressing Some Controversies

  • Their Favorite Song

CHAPTER SIX—Religion and End-of-life Issues

  • Our Multicultural Beginning

  • Multiculturalism and Healthcare

  • Death and Dying—a Taboo Subject

  • Alternative Healing

  • Religions, Spiritual Beliefs, and Healthcare

  • Possible Impact of Religion on Death and Dying

CHAPTER SEVEN—Life and Death

  • Beyond Your Comfort Zone

  • We Do Not Have All the Answers

  • Our Spiritual Connection

  • It is but a Thin Veil

  • Near-Death Experience

  • Personal Spiritual Experiences

  • A New Journey Begins


Suggested Reading