What you will learn

Regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs Spiritual Reflections on Death and Dying provides information that transcends the physical aspects of the end of life. You will learn about this process from a biological and metaphysical perspective. Some of the emotional issues, taken from the Table of Contents, are highlighted here:

  • Metaphysically speaking, when does death occur?

  • Death and dying is highly individualized; learn about some commonly observed behaviors.

  • What are some of the possible impacts of unreasonable attachments and expectations associated with death and dying?

  • Learn some of the most common fears associated with death and dying and how your perspective can impact these fears.

  • Learn about grief and bereavement and how they relate to your worldview.

  • Learn about cremation, the belief in an afterlife, and the contradictions associated with them.

  • Have you ever wondered why the dead are buried?

  • What is considered “hallowed” ground?

  • Learn how multiculturalism impacts healthcare.

  • Learn about some common taboos regarding death and dying.

  • What are some of the possible impacts of religious and spiritual beliefs on death and dying?

  • You will learn about our spiritual connection and about some common, and not so common, experiences regarding the afterlife.


When you make the conscious choice to step outside of your comfort zone, you will be amazed at how much you will learn. Perhaps the new knowledge gained from reading this book will open your mind and heart, and bring you the peace of mind that you have been craving.